Web Interface


    Currently, the web interface is available for download from the Prism bukkitdev page along with Prism itself.

    Look in the recent file list for a file named something like Prism-WebUI-*.zip.


    This code requires that you're using Prism with MySQL.

    You need a web server that runs PHP 5.


    Step 1: Copy all files to a web-server directory that supports PHP.

    For example, if you have the Apache web server installed, determine the directory used to serve sites from and place the web-ui folder there. The web-ui doesn't require Apache, so alternate web servers like nginx should work fine.

    If you're unfamiliar with these web servers, there are package installers like WAMP and MAMP available for Windows/Mac systems.

    Step 2: Set your MySQL connection information in the config.php file.

    Make sure the connection credentials match what your Prism plugin use - so that the web ui talks to the same database.

    Step 3: If you wish, enable authentication and change the default user, or add more.

    Currently, you may manually add as many user accounts as you wish. If you've disabled authentication though, they'll never be used.

    User accounts require anyone who wishes to view the data to login first. Since you can create as many as you need, you can create one for every user, or one for all users. One for every user has the benefit of disabling a specific user account.

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