There are three wand modes: hand, item, block.

    You can define the default mode for all Prism users in the config. You may set the mode, which item is used, whether not to auto-equip the player with it, and more.

    • "hand" is the default and works as Prism does currently.
    • "item" allows you to set a default item-id that will be used as the wand.
    • "block" mode allows you to set a default block id, so you can replicate the way other rollback plugins work, with the placement of a block to mimic the right-click of hand/item actions. Using the block mode is not recommend to a high number of problems introduced by other plugins, inventory update problems, etc.


    You may control whether or not the items are automatically given to players when the wands are activated. If you have the item, we move it to your hand and swap out whatever you held before.

    If you do not have the item, we give you one, and we will also remove it when you disable the wand!

    Personal Overrides

    Any player can (if the server owner enables this feature) set their own wand mode and item. By default, every player will use the settings defined in the plugin config.

    A player needs the prism.setmy.* or prism.setmy.wand permission node.

    To set your own wand mode:

    /pr setmy wand mode item (Use any of the three wand types above)

    To set your own item/block:

    /pr setmy wand item 280 (Use the item id or id:data of any material)

    To reset your personalized settings:

    /pr resetmy wand

    Bind Parameters

    The three query-based wands (rollback, restore, inspect) all support bound parameters. They last only as long as the wand is active.

    /pr i a:break - Binds the break action to the inspect wand.

    Simply disable the wand to reset the bound parameters.

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