Undo is currently only available for drain events.

    Prism has an extremely unique undo system, all because we designed it to essentially work as rollback/restore system for Prism events. Essentially, we record rollback, restore, drain, and other events just as we record player, entity, and world events.

    The benefit of this process solves several problems we have with other plugins:

    • You can see a record of rollbacks, restores, drains, etc without command logging.
    • You can easily undo the last action, which is most common.
    • You can undo any supported action with it's ID number.
    • This means you don't lose the ability to undo when you crash/log off.
    • Other staff may undo an action done by someone else.


    After you use /prism drain on liquid, you can undo it.

    Use /prism undo last to reverse the most recent drain action.

    Use /prism undo to list all drain actions that have been recorded. Each record will show an ID and with the id, you can undo any drain event that shows.

    /prism undo [id]

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