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    Why am I not being tracked at all by Prism? Is it because I'm OP?

    Prism has certain permission nodes that allow players' actions to not be tracked. These permissions are listed here in the plugin.yml, and are all under the prism.ignore.tracking node.

    While these permissions are set, by default, to not be given to anybody unless explicitly set, we've had a lot of users who have given their "admin" group a permission like prism.* or *. Both of these cause the ignore permissions to be set to true, and therefore, Prism will ignore those users' actions. These permissions are not set because you are OP, they are only set if you have them set in your permissions file.

    We recommend users to remove their * or prism.* permission from that group, and instead set all the permissions they need manually. This removes the need to negate certain permissions, and make sure the users only have access to the permissions they need. (OP should automatically grant certain permissions, through the plugin.yml).

    However, if you want to cling onto your setup with your *s, another 'solution' is to negate the prism.ignore.tracking.* permission. This will make sure you don't have the permissions under prism.ignore.tracking, and therefore, Prism will track your actions. (In some permission plugins, this may not work correctly, and some changes to your permissions may be required).

    Why is there no SQLite support in Prism 2.x?

    We have decided to drop SQLite support in Prism, due to SQLite not suiting the needs of Prism. For what Prism does, SQLite may not hve the ability to perform as well as we'd like, and it takes more work maintaining. With the schema update to Prism, which should improve speeds, since only a small amount of users of Prism used SQLite, support was dropped.

    Does Prism use net.minecraft.server (NMS)?

    net.minecraft.server is the nickname for the usage of classes inside of CraftBukkit, as opposed to Bukkit, for certain things. Using net.minecraft.server is not part of the official Bukkit API, and it causes builds to stop working between different Minecraft versions.

    Prism does not use net.minecraft.server in its vanilla builds (builds for Bukkit itself), however, it does use net.minecraft.server for its MCPC builds - builds for modded servers.

    Prism won't work at all / shows red in the list / is disabled on startup.

    It means Prism can't find a database. We strongly recommend using MySQL, but also support sqlite (requires no install). See Installation.

    Prism is enabled but I can't do (something)

    There are only a few reasons Prism would be connected to the database, but still not working:

    1. Check that you have given yourself/your users proper permission nodes.
    2. If you have worldedit, and it's older than 5.4, Prism can't connect and may cause errors.

    Nothing is recording when I do things

    1. If you're in creative mode, check if you're ignoring players in creative in the config.
    2. Make sure the world, your playername, etc are not in the "ignore" lists in the config.
    3. Make sure the action you're testing is set to track.
    4. Check the console for any database errors.

    "Data truncation" errors for Y axis on Prism 1.2

    1.2 made a tweak to the database assuming people won't have negative Y axis values, which turned out to be untrue. We reversed this for 1.3 but it won't auto-apply. If you have plugins/mods that let you go below bedrock, run the following query in MySQL:

    ALTER TABLE prism_actions CHANGE y y SMALLINT( 5 ) NOT NULL;

    Pool Exhaustion or Database Connection Errors

    Most common if you're using a slow remote MySQL server. Communicating with a remote server will always be slower than running MySQL locally, because the data has to communicate across the internet each time. Sometimes this can be too slow and the default number of open connections runs out.

    Just try increasing the max-pool-connections to a higher number. What number is best is up to you. This allows Prism to reserve more connections. Just understand that anything over 100 is most likely to exceed the max connections allowed per user setting on the MySQL server itself.

    You can also lower the max-wait so the pool doesn't wait on connections as long. The time is in milliseconds.

    Metrics Class causes time outs, lags the server

    Metrics is a class that reports anonymous stats on who uses the plugin, and is very helpful in letting us know how many users we have. However, sometimes it has issues and times out. We've reported the issue but have been given little help.

    Just disable the use-metrics config and you'll be fine. Just pop by IRC and let us know you use Prism if you like it!

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