Prism offers a limited set of reports on block and action data per player. We have plans to expand the functionality but for now we're covering the basics for those familiar with logblock.

    prism (rp|report) sum (blocks|actions) (player)

    A summary report for blocks will list the total number of block break/place actions for the player, broken down by block.

    The actions summary will display a count for each action type for the specific player.

    Ore Alerts

    Originally custom designed for our MC server, to replace a previous plugin that didn't work anymore - this system alerts you when a player discovers a natural (non-placed) vein or ores. It reports the ore type and the lighting levels (not always indicative of xray due to brightness differences). The ore type messages are colored for easy recognition.

    On our server, we've found this extremely effective at spotting xray. Players who show very clear patterns are very easy to identify.

    Item Use Alerts

    Item use alerts tell when you a player is using something that's possibly related to griefing. Lighting fires, placing tnt, placing pistons, etc.

    If you wish, you may also define a list blocks that will alert you when broken.

    Vanilla Piston Xray Alert

    There's a known exploit involving a piston that lets you see through blocks and Prism 1.4+ will attempt to alert you when it seems like a player is trying to use this trick.

    Ex, Drain

    Use /prism ex [radius] to extinguish all fires in the radius, or /prism drain [radius] to remove all liquid (water and lava) in the radius.

    You may also drain specific subtypes of liquid, so /prism drain water or lava, and if providing a radius, /prism drain lava 10.

    Chunk Boundary View

    Use /pr view chunk to view a glowstone preview of the chunk edges. Repeat the command to disable.

    When performing a rollback of block-burn actions, Prism will automatically extinguish the fires as well.


    Server operators can use /prism delete [timeframe] to manually purge records from the database. This isn't usually necessary, as Prism will automatically clear records that have expired (per config) on startup.

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