There are so many actions recorded and parameters available to find/restore them we can't possibly give examples of them all, but here are some examples of common needs to get you started.

    Broken blocks, house on fire

    A griefer has broken blocks and set fire to a house. If we don't know who started the fire we can find the person who lit it with:

    /prism l a:lighter

    Or, find who broke the blocks with /prism near or the inspector wand, /prism i.

    A default radius is always used so it's only nearby activity. Once you see who set the fire or broke the blocks, you can use the username(s) to rollback the changes.

    /prism rollback a:break,burn p:nasonfish

    Killed Farm Animals

    Some one has killed the entire cow farm for your player. Who? If /prism near returns too much info then just run a lookup:

    /prism l a:kill

    The "kill" action will show any entities that have been killed nearby and who did it.

    Need to roll them back?

    /prism rollback a:kill p:VortexBuilder3


    Sometimes players will attempt to bypass the server admins and lead a creeper to a house, let it explode, and thereby get away with the grief. Not with Prism.

    When an entity begins to follow a player, we record the event as an entity-follow. It only fires when the entity begins to follow a player so it may have been some distance from the explosion location. However, it's not an issue.

    /prism l a:follow e:creeper r:50

    This will show all players that lured a creeper within 50 blocks. Check the timestamp of the explosion and if it's within a few minutes of the follow, they're very likely connected.

    Rollback a creeper's art:

    /prism rollback a:explode

    "Explode" is a short hand action that also includes tnt. To only rollback a creeper hole, use a:creeper-explode.

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