Features Overview

    • Prism tracks 68 (and growing) different player, entity, and world events.
    • Multiple tools and commands let you see exactly what happened.
    • Rollback or restore events directly, or with a safer preview mode first.
    • Safe command defaults, very clean and fun to use chat messages.
    • Smarter rollbacks/restores, and a dozen extra features.
    • Extremely fast. Takes a pounding.
    • Extremely configurable.
    • Dozens of extra features you don't get from other plugins.
    • Works with MySQL or sqlite

    Features Detail

    Events and Lookup

    • Tracks 68+ player, entity, and world events.
    • Includes block changes, container access, item inserts/remove/pickups/drops, entity deaths, shearing, and a LOT more.
    • Related events tracked to causing player, like blocks falling, blocks detaching, trees growing, and much more.
    • Smart logging and rollback of important related data like sign text, sheep color, wolf owner, animal age, villager profession, etc
    • Tracks liquid flow and items that break because of it
    • Tracks world edits
    • Fine-tuned config allows you to control tracking of every single one.
    • Inspector wand allows you to find history for single blocks/spaces.
    • Bind parameters to wand
    • Fully configurable wand system with in-game personalization support
    • Near command finds recent events around you.
    • Lookup command is extremely powerful with our versatile parameters.
    • Action names also have short-names for easier typing and can combine related actions.
    • The radius command also accepts a world edit selection - for any /r/r/p/lookup actions.
    • Very clean chat messages and paginated results to ease your burden.

    Rollbacks, Restore, Preview (R/R/P)

    • Rollback and restore commands you know and love.
    • Rollback or restore directly, or preview changes for both modes first.
    • Apply/cancel previews, or let them auto-cancel after a minute.
    • Extremely safe default parameters make it harder for you to make mistakes, but can be overridden in-game when you absolutely need them.
    • You can even rollback killed entities, items taken from containers, and more.
    • Sign rollbacks will restore their text (provided we tracked what was written)
    • Rollbacks of burn events also extinguish fires.
    • Rollbacks of tnt/creeper explosion events also remove the laggy item drops.
    • We're CONSTANTLY testing to ensure that rollbacks are smart - problem items like doors, beds, cactus, sugar cane, and more are always restored properly! No half-doors!
    • Rollbacks/restores can be alerted to nearby players, and to staff members (staff see actual rollback params).
    • Rollback systems moves any players in the way to a safe position on rollback
    • Advanced, optional flags give you ultimate control over the rollback/restore action at command-time.
    • Rollback world edits
    • Rollback player inventories from death, and more

    Extra Features

    • Alerts for staff when players find natural ores (configurable).
    • Configurable ore list so you can support modded servers
    • Alerts for staff when players use flint and steel, place lava, or place any item listed in the config (like tnt).
    • Alert for staff when players use black-listed commands.
    • Put out fires with the extinguish command
    • Drain all liquids or just water/lava
    • Profile wand shows you data about a block.


    • Consistently designed chat messages are easy to read, and never spam you.
    • Smart grouping of events makes in-game logs extremely easy to read.
    • All commands are consistent and designed knowing a human will be using them.
    • Config allows you to ignore creative mode, or a list of players, worlds, etc.


    • Multi-threaded queue system for tracking events, combined with a batch recording system makes event recording happen quickly and without impacting your server.
    • Support for MySQL or sqlite. MySQL recommended.
    • Block r/r/p are also run from a queue for large changes to reduce chances of impacting the main thread.
    • Only one database table with extremely straight-forward design, as well as field types that are smart for the data we store. Records 1 million records with an average of 100MB of space consumption. A server with 200+ players per day can expect about ~2GB of data per month, depending on actions tracked and activity.
    • A dev server with 512M RAM, 2.7Ghz dual core processor, 10,200 blocks from a tnt explosion restored in 1.1 seconds - 1117 milliseconds from command to rollback completion. Most common rollbacks on the same machine tend to take < 200ms to restore. Similar results on relatively equal machines from shared bukkit hosting companies during initial tests.

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